Aloe Vera: A Discovery  
Aloe Vera: A Discovery
By Carolyn Marocco

Aloe Vera has become the number one selling nutritional supplement sold in health food markets. It's no wonder why this plant is now found in everything from toothpaste to multi-vitamins, and it's all thanks to one man's journey of discovery.

Every great discovery begins with a question. For Christopher Columbus, it was “is the world really flat?” The Wright Brothers asked if man could fly. For Clinton Howard, the question was “what is in the aloe vera plant that gives it such a wide range of health benefits?” This question spurred him to spend the next 11 years and millions of dollars researching aloe vera and isolating its most beneficial component.

The result was the isolation of aloe vera’s most beneficial polysaccharide. He and his team of scientists discovered that these special sugar molecules were responsible for aloe’s immune regulating and wound soothing benefits. Before this ground breaking research, we didn’t know exactly why people kept an aloe plant in their kitchen windowsill and broke its leaves when someone in the family was burned or cut. They simply carried down this tradition from generation to generation. Clinton Howard asked why and his answers spurred a now multi-billion dollar aloe vera industry. According to SPINS data reported in the May issue of Herbalgram, aloe vera was the number one selling nutritional supplement sold through the health food markets last year.

It’s no wonder that this miraculous plant is now found in everything from toothpaste to multi-vitamins. Clinton Howard’s research team discovered what grandmothers have known for centuries, aloe vera’s soothing polysaccharides are excellent topically for minor burns or dry skin, and taken internally, a soothing support for a healthy throat , stomach and digestive tract .

Once he realized how diverse the nutritional benefits of aloe vera truly were, Clinton Howard began bottling aloe vera juice for consumption. When his research team had isolated the most powerful polysaccharide in aloe, he submitted his finding to the FDA for approval as a medicine. This isolated compound was approved for medicinal use in small animals, but Howard remained convinced that the most convenient route was to drink the natural aloe juice in its entirety.

After spending so much time and money isolating the primary component of aloe vera, Howard’s team knew exactly how to prepare and process the plant’s juice in a way that retained its health promoting benefits. These techniques are still in use by the company he founded, RBC Life, and they continue to provide the world with the highest quality aloe vera juice, supplements and personal care products.   

The curiosity of one man led to a discovery that helped popularize the aloe vera plant, and it continues to change the lives of people today. RBC Life is on the forefront of a booming industry with an aloe vera based product line that is spearheaded by the Father of Aloe himself, Clinton Howard. When looking for an aloe vera product you can trust, turn to the company founded by the man who started it all, RBC Life.