Five Weight Loss Tips you can Start Today!  
Five Weight Loss Tips you can Start Today!
Dr. Carolyn Marocco

Losing weight, getting fit and enjoying life more are always in the top ten list of New Year's Resolutions. This year isn't any different. Try these five tips to jump start your weight loss goals.

1. Drink Tea

With the cold weather here, you will rarely find me without a cup of hot tea in my hand. I love tea for all its health promoting benefits and the wide variety of flavors I can enjoy calorie-free! It fills me up and gives my mouth something to do other than drool over the chocolate that's everywhere you look.

The most slimming is Green Tea. Studies have shown that drinking 3 cups of Green Tea per day results in weight loss. Add a little raw honey for a tasty treat that will also help you stay healthy this winter!

2. Pack your Snacks

Getting caught out of the house without a snack in site is probably the biggest thing that sabotages my healthy eating efforts. So, I've become a huge fan of the Spirulina Whole Food Bars from RBC Life Sciences. I keep several in my purse so my kids and I have something healthy to snack on when we are out and about.

Fruit and raw nuts make great on-the-go snacks too. Fill up little snack sized baggies and take these with you wherever you go.

If I know I’m going somewhere that sweets will abound I will often eat a Cocoa Spirulina Whole Food Bar on my way to give myself a chocolate “fix” and fill me up before I get there. Try one with a cup of Peppermint tea…yumm-o!

3. Water, water, water!

Think about how our bodies must have been wired before the advent of kitchen sinks and bottled water. When we got thirsty, we would look for water. But if no water could be found, we would look for food, right? Foods contain water, so we’d just get it where we could. Well, these days that in-born mechanism has got our dehydrated bodies eating way too much food when we are really just thirsty!

Keeping water with you at all times can really decrease your appetite. The next time you feel hungry, try having a glass of water instead and see if you are really hungry or thirsty. You’ll be surprised how often you are misreading your body’s signals – I know I was! So, drink more, eat less!

4. BioShape to the Rescue!

I love using herbs because they work so well with no side effects. My favorite herb is Gymnema because it helps people get the junk out of their diets and that is the starting point for all healing. BioShape from RBC Life Sciences combines Gymnema with other nutrients that promote weight loss.

Taking 3 – 4 tablets in the morning really helps me avoid cravings and mindless munching all throughout the day. To lose weight, take 3 tablets before lunch and dinner too. You will reach your weight loss goals quickly and easily.

5. Turn off the TV

The television is probably the number 1 reason why people overeat. Not only do we usually accompany our entertainment with some unhealthy, pre-packed snacks but we slow down our metabolism with a sedentary lifestyle. Plus, we are being bombarded with commercials that tell us to “indulge” in whatever empty-calorie, sugar-filled snack they are trying to sell.

If all that isn’t enough, the emotional highs and lows of whatever shows you are watching can affect your hormones and lead to a cascade of weight gaining reactions. It’s not worth it! Limit TV time, mute the commercials and chose activities that get you moving during the day and relax you at night.