Three Grin Salad  
Three Grin Salad
By Aja King

Mix one-half cup of happy faces with grins and laughs.

"When I was living in Shanghai, China, my teacher asked my class to make potions and write each potion as if it was a recipe. I made a potion for being mad. When I got home after school I shared my recipe with my Mom. Mom and I had the idea of making more recipes for happy feelings. Here are some of the recipes I made. I hope they make you feel great."
(Aja King)

One-half cup of happy faces
3 big grins
2 cups of laughs

1. Mash the happy faces and pour into small bowl
2. Grate the grins and pour into the same small bowl
3. Cut the laughs into many pieces and pour into the
small bowl
4. Stir all ingredients together
5. Pour into a pan
6. Put the oven at 120 degrees for 30 minutes
7. Take it out of the oven
8. Cut it, share it